Lose all the weight you want with Greg Arnold's Best You Lifestyle.  10, 20, 50, even 100 pounds or more, like Greg did, without feeling like youíre dieting!

Diets don't work long term.  You already know that.  The "Best You Lifestyle" does.  Losing weight, getting healthier, living longer is just a matter of a few small things you do every day.  It's way easier than you think.  I can teach you how. 

Lose all the weight you want.  10, 20, 50, even 100 pounds or more, like Greg Arnold didHello, my name is Greg Arnold. The picture on the right is me at 357 pounds, over 120 pounds ago.  I donít know if youíve ever been over-weight or not, if you havenít, take my word for it, it isnít fun.

It effects your health too

It was hard to breathe right. I had constant indigestion. My diabetes was pretty much uncontrollable, my back, legs and feet ached constantly and I was probably headed for an early grave.

How other people see you

When I got on an airplane I always had to ask for a seatbelt extender, and as I walked down the aisle I could see people praying that I didnít have a seat next to theirs. If youíre over-weight, youíre less likely to get the job you want, most people also think youíre not very bright, lazy, undisciplined, and not a desirable friend.
The problem with diets

You also learn over the years and several diets down the road, that all diets work and then donít work. You always lose a few pounds right away, maybe more than a few, depending on your will power, but then you get exhausted and your will power wanes and you end up gaining all that weight back and then some.

It's the lifestyle stupid

Iím not all the way to accomplishing my weight loss goals yet, but Iíve quit worrying about it. I discovered awhile back that it isnít about dieting so much as itís about lifestyle. Itís not only the type of foods you eat and your daily routines, it's also about having the right mindset.

The end of hunger and cravings as we know it

With what I call the Best You Lifestyle, I discovered you'll never get hungry or have cravings for foods that are terrible for you.  In fact, you never have to be hungry again. You donít have to try to get through those horrible cravings and you can pretty much throw away your notions of having to suffer to lose weight. You simply donít have to sweat settling into a thinner, healthier, happier you...you'll just do it. And it isnít going to be hard to get there.

Help is on the way

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