Diets don’t work…


You already know diets don’t work. Now it’s time to discover the No Starvation Solution…

Greg Arnold at 357 pounds and now at 222 pounds

Greg Arnold at 357 pounds and now at 222 pounds.

Hello, my name is Greg Arnold. The picture on the right is me after I dieted my way to 357 pounds…now over 140 pounds ago. I don’t know if you’ve ever been over-weight or not, if you haven’t, take my word for it, it isn’t fun.

It effects your health too

It got to the point where it was hard to breathe right. I had constant indigestion. My diabetes was pretty much uncontrollable, my back, legs and feet ached constantly and I was probably headed for an early grave. I take that back, I know I was headed for an early grave.

How other people see you

Then there is how other people look at you. When I got on an airplane I always had to ask for a seatbelt extender. As I walked down the aisle I could see people praying that I didn’t have the seat next to theirs. When you sit in the middle you make three people miserable. You and the two guys next to you. If you’re over-weight, you’re less likely to get the job you want because nobody wants to hire a fat guy. Most people also think you’re not very bright because being fat automatically lowers your I.Q. by 25 points or more. You’re also lazy, undisciplined, and not a desirable friend. Forget about getting that date, it ain’t happening. You’re probably afraid to even ask. When you’re fat, even you look around the room for someone fatter then you are so you can feel better.

The big problem with diets – Starvation mode

You also learn over the years and several diets down the road, that all diets work and then they don’t work. You always lose a few pounds right away, but then after a few days your weight loss slows dramatically. That’s because virtually all diets are based on calorie restriction so it doesn’t take long for your body to kick into starvation mode.  This is a little hold over from our hunter/gatherer days.  We are predisposed to store fat when times are good and preserve it when times are lean.  When you diet, you’re telling your body that times are lean.  It becomes very hard, seemingly impossible to lose weight when you’re in starvation mode.

After a while you get exhausted, your will power wanes and you go off your diet.  Then you end up gaining all that weight back and then some. As I said earlier, I dieted my way up to 357 pounds one diet at a time. The only good news was I was too big to kidnap. Gosh I hated only being able to shop at big and tall stores. 5X and extra long too, so I could get the shirts all the way over my big belly.

The No Starvation Solution…

You could call it a smoothie diet if you like.  Here’s why it works.  When you’re full and satisfied for hours on end and you experience rapid, healthy weight loss; you’re in 14 Day Reset heaven.  That’s what the 14 Day Reset does for you.

With our secret 40 whole fruits and vegetables and three almost unknown proteins, it gives you all the nutrients you need and the proteins you need to stay satisfied and full of energy between smoothies.  Because it’s an all whole food diet, you fill up with a maximum of nutritional value and a minimum of calorie intake.  Each smoothie contains 200 calories or less but packs a big nutritional punch so you NEVER go into starvation mode.

The 14 Day Reset

I was a little skeptical at first about doing this.  I had tried doing premixed diet shakes on more than one occasion.  I always ended up losing weight but I also starved myself into exhaustion and eventually gaining back more weight than I lost.  How was the 14 Day Reset going to be different?

The first major difference is that I wasn’t taking in some concoction of flavored powder fortified with manufactured vitamins.  Meal replacement shakes all but guaranteed I would be hungry an hour later without all the fun of eating with chop sticks.  Worse yet, like with all diet shakes, your body goes into starvation mode in just a couple days.  That guarantees your body is going to work hard to preserve its body fat.  Your weight loss will slow dramatically.  And as soon as you go back to eating normal again, you’ll gain it all back very rapidly and then some.

Healthy “14 Day Reset” real food smoothies have nothing to do with manufactured food-like powders.  They have everything to do with extracting all the nutrition that is available from real fruits and vegetables along with all the micro-nutrients and fiber.  Preferably organic when you have them available so you’re not loading your body up with a bunch of chemicals and pesticides.  Best of all, when you follow our plan, your body will never go into starvation mode so you will continue rapidly losing weight throughout the entire 14 days!  This will be the most remarkable weight loss experience you’ll ever have because it’s like nothing you’ve ever done.

I lost 21 pounds in only 14 days

After doing our homework we realized that we could get all the nutrition we needed from whole food plant sources.  We not only could sustain our health, we could improve it.   And our research proved true.  During my 14 Day Reset, I lost 21 pounds and my blood sugar dropped from 158 to 109.  My diabetic symptoms were gone.  Not only that, after working hard to lose 5 pounds over the previous 6 months, my wife Pattie lost 8 pounds on her 14 Day Reset and is now at her ideal body weight.  And…it’s worked brilliantly for everyone we have shared this with!

The 14 Day Reset was so easy compared to starving myself on a powdered shake diet or any of the other diets I’ve tried.  After a couple days of detoxing, which admittedly weren’t fun, I was never hungry or craving bad foods.  My energy levels felt miraculous and the weight just fell off.   Anyone can do this.  We created the 14 Day Reset to give you a jump start on a healthy lifestyle.  A lifestyle that will normalize your weight, normalize your blood sugar levels, normalize your blood pressure, get you on a path that will help you feel terrific.

I’ll even help you do it. Just contact me below and I’ll coach you into becoming the person you really want to be. I can even show you how I lost 21 pounds in two weeks and dropped my blood sugar from 158 to 109 in less than two weeks, using my very own 14 day reset!  Why not fill out the form below and let’s get started.

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