238 Dog years ago, my life as a Russian Spy…

Continued from previous blog:  As Jack left my house that Saturday morning he said, go set up some appointments and I’ll go out with you.  He really wasn’t enthused about me joining the team.

The following Monday I walked into Sgt Stone’s office.  He was our reenlistment Sgt.  I had only been at my regular duty station in Savannah, GA, (Hunter Army Airfield) for about two weeks.  I had barely said hello to Sgt Stone before this, but I walked into his office and asked him the only question I knew. “You wouldn’t wanna save some money on your life insurance would ya?”

I later learned that question would get you the right response about one in a hundred times.  Sgt Stone said; “Yes I would, how can you do that?”  Hmmm, I hadn’t gotten that far in the training yet.  My exceptionally brilliant answer; “I don’t know, but if you’ll set an appointment with me, I’ll bring my district manager with me and he can explain the whole thing.”

Sgt Stone; “How about tomorrow night at 7:30?”  I did a mental happy dance and set the appointment and got his address and phone number.  As I was walking out of his office he asked me what company I was with.  It occurred to me I wasn’t that well trained either.  I turned my head, smiled really big and said; “I don’t know, but we’ll cover that tomorrow night too.” and I kept on walking.

Sgt. Stone became one of several clients I had that month.  My military pay was about $400 and my A.L. Williams pay was $1451.  If I hadn’t been all in, it wouldn’t have been possible.  Ignorance on fire can be an awesome state of mind.

Savannah is a port city.  At any given time there was at least one Soviet Union cargo ship in the harbor.  Needless to say, at the height of the cold war no one really believed they were there for commerce only.  As troops we were cautioned to stay away from Soviet seaman and that any unusual activity on our part would make us suspect.

Over the next few months I earned an average of just over $2500 per month in my part-time job.  We moved into a better neighborhood, bought a new car and ate out a lot more at some pretty nice restaurants.  All this as an Army PFC.  One day I noticed when I got home there was a jeep with two MP’s parked across the street.  I walked up to them and asked them what was up?

They told me they had a report that I was spending a lot of money lately and they were sent to check it out.  I smiled and invited them in.  First I showed them my request to work part-time form with the approval signature from my battalion commander.  Then I showed them my pay stubs from my insurance sales.

They told me that I would need to get those copied and turned in to them, but that pretty much answered all their questions.  Wow, what if I had been  Russian spy.

Greg Arnold

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