A rolling store gathers no moss…

blog_amway_carIn September of 1974, I had just spent a week’s pay on my Amway starter kit.  Now what do I do?  I thought that my life insurance agent might make a good distributor so I called him.  He invited me over to show him my catalog.

When I got to Ron’s house, he had a life insurance sales buddy over there too.  They didn’t sign up to be distributors but they did buy a little over $300 worth of products from me at retail price.  I one fell swoop I had earned back my entire investment for getting involved.

As I started to pack up my black plastic products kit to leave, Ron asked me, “Aren’t you going to ask for some referrals.”  Again, I was only 19; “What’s that?”  He told me what they were and then he picked up his phone, made a few calls, and in no time he had set 5 appointments for me to go show my products.

Then he handed to phone to his friend and said “Your turn.”  Not wanting to be out done his friend set 5 appointments for me too!  Unbelievable.  I showed up at the first of those appointments the next day and they bought about $100 worth from me too.  Wow, was this ever easy.

As they showed me the door, and not knowing any better, I asked them; “Aren’t you going to give me some referrals”  Then I asked them if they would call their friends and set 5 appointments for me…Ron did!  They didn’t set 5 but they did set 2 for me!  I earned more from my Amway business over the next few days then I was making all month working at the shoe store.

Over the next couple years I built a customer base of some 300 people spanning from Vasalia to Stockton in the San Joaquin Valley in central California.  I worked it like a route, Visalia one day, Fresno the next.  I was ignorance on fire. Because I didn’t know that people wouldn’t refer me to their friends to sell them Amway products, I asked for them.  And because I asked for referrals, they gave them to me.  I went from a minimum wage of less than a hundred dollars per week selling shoes to over $300 in my own business.

I never sponsored even one distributor in my Amway business, but I made a great living selling my products retail.  And yes, I did own my own rolling store out of the back of my Chevy Chevette and did make my dad proud of me.

Greg Arnold
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