Everyone can see what I’m doing, but no one knows my strategy…

sun_tzu_art_of_warThe great General Sun Tzu expressed that sentiment some 4000 years ago. Yes everyone could see the battle going on, but no one could see how the victory evolved.

I like to go to local meet-ups. They are available in every city in America. I get to meet a bunch of entrepreneurs from all manner of business disciplines. Some are sales people, some bankers, insurance people, store owners and yes, network marketers too.

At these meetings I over-hear a lot of people pitching their respective products and business opportunities to each other. I also see many of the recipients of these mini sales pitches standing there with their eyes glazed over.

So how effective are you at giving your pitch over and over again? If you don’t succeed, does that mean you need to spend more time practicing it?  Let’s take a moment to review the definition of insanity. You know this one; doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

How do you fix this problem. Here is a hint; what do people care about more, themselves or you? With that, are all your conversations about you or the person you are speaking with? If you answered “you” to both of these questions then describing yourself as insane is just about right.

If you want to make your encounters more powerful, add real value for others to your conversations. What skills do you possess that you could trade for a few introductions or connections. In other words, what can you do of real value for someone else in exchange for a few good referrals.

You might say this is sneaky or underhanded. But may I remind you that this is a meet-up for people trying to improve their businesses. Why not be honest with them and yourself. You both want to make more money. Offering them something of value in exchange for leads will make both of you more money!

Quit pitching and start trading. Yes that’s my strategy. The one you can’t see me employ because you are too busy trying to sell something.  Now go get em.

Greg Arnold
The thing I’m Pitching 🙂

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