Get up off the dadgum mat!

Ok, so you got knocked on your butt, your best guy quit, you didn’t get that special recruit who would have changed everything for you, your company died, your product tastes like fish bait….so what!  Five times NFL Champion football coach, Vince Lombardi said:

“It’s easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you’re a winner, when you’re number one.  What you got to have is faith and discipline when you’re not a winner!”

People are failures only after they give up.  We work in the greatest industry in the whole world yet I hear people gripe and moan about some of the smallest most petty stuff.  Did your mommy and daddy not tell you how special you really are?  Don’t you know that you’re a King’s kid and He wants you to win big!  That’s why he gave you all the tools you need to accomplish anything you want! Are you living up to the standards that were set for you eons ago?

Ok, so you got knocked on your butt…get up.  Go fulfill your destiny.   You weren’t built to lose.  Simply don’t accept it.  Oh and that stuff that tastes bad…this is marketing, it doesn’t matter what you think.  What matters is what the other 99% who like it thinks!  Don’t let your emotions take you away from winning big.

The secret of winning, and what separates champions from mere mortals, is that champions keep on keepin on even when they experience disappointment and pain.  Those that NEVER experience winning quit every time it gets tough, or they stub their toe, or they have something else happen in their life that makes it less than perfect.  Winners win because they choose to act like champions!

Choose to act like a champion, get up off that mat!

Greg Arnold

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