I always thought I was endorphin safe, I never felt that high when I exercised

I always thought I was endorphin safe, I never felt that high when I exercised. All I ever felt was exhausted. I thought the whole runners high thing was a myth that was dreamed up by guys in better shape than I was to make me feel like crap.

My jog this morning started off like it always does, more out of discipline than desire. I always go through my excuse list before I get off the couch and go out the door. This morning it was “Maybe I’ll go for a walk later and let my body recover from the week.” I darn near had myself talked into it too. But then that little devil (the one in the white robe with wings) that pops up on my right shoulder appeared and reminded me of all the good I do for myself by getting in shape. I hate that guy.

So out the door I went. I had both my knees replaced 11 years ago so, as usual, the first mile and a half were an exercise in loosening up. I feel like the tin man in “The Wizard of Oz” each morning having to take out the oil can and lubricate my knees so I can jog down the road without squeaking.

After a couple miles I began to feel kinda good. I noticed the birds chirping, the sun on my face and the air felt good on my skin. Then all my aches and pains went away and I felt a wave of energy come over me. The blocks started to sail by. Wow, this felt great. Maybe I’ll go ten miles today. I was smiling and waving at all the cars that passed. I was happy! And then…it was gone.

Hey, who took my juice! I hobbled in the last mile or so, ready to die once again. But for about two miles there, I had experienced endorphins. Oh what a feeling. Man I hope I get to have some more of that.

Greg Arnold


I always thought I was endorphin safe, I never felt that high when I exercised — 1 Comment

  1. I I start to experience the high when my workout is nearly done and then it peaks after about an hour. It can last over two hours and it never fails. I’ve been doing it so long that I don’t look for it anymore, it just happens. There is no time during an average day that I feel any better than that.

    This is just me, but if I keep working out to the piont of diminishing the rush I’ve over done it. I’m 53 and my body/mind is pretty good at telling me when it’s time to start cooling down and stop. I don’t need to set a record every time. Just something to think about.

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