I wanted to own my own store and make my dad proud…

I grew up in Stevenson, Washington, population 1027.  At least that was the population on the sign when I grew up.  My dad own a grocery stare named “The Public Market.”  He loved the grocery business.  He loved his customers too.  Dad was a real people person.  Everything I know about customer service, I learned from my father.

In 1970 Dad had 2/3 of his stomach surgically removed because of bleeding ulcers.  It took him a couple months before he could get back to work a his store.  While he was out an employee stole about $30,000 from the store coffers.  He could never prove who it was, but we knew.

Dad’s business didn’t survive it.  He lost his baby and we moved to Kelso, Washington shortly afterwords.  He always wanted his own store after that but never got the opportunity to.

I graduated from Kingsburg High School in Kingsburg, California where dad had a milk route.   In September of 1974 I dropped in on my friend, Greg Crass.  He was literally walking out the door as I walked up on his porch.  He told me that he couldn’t visit now, he was on his way to an Amway meeting.

Me: “What’s that?”

Him: “A business that I started.”

Me: “Can I come?”

Him: “Let me call my district manager and see if it’s ok.”

We were 19, what did we know?  So I went to an Amway opportunity meeting.  I didn’t understand the circles.  I didn’t understand the pay plan.  I was making $75 per week working at Kinney Shoes at the time.  It was $89 for the Amway kit and that was way more then I could afford.  I wasn’t joining.

After the meeting, Greg went out to this guy’s garage to pick up some product.  I tagged along.  The second we stepped out, I was hooked.  The guy had all three of his garage walls with shelves full of product.  It smelled like my dad’s store.  I wanted in.  I had to get in.  I was going to own my own store and make my Dad proud of me.  Yes, people get involved in Network Marketing for a variety of reasons.

I’ll share with you how I got started in my next blog.

Greg Arnold
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