If you’re addicted to romance, you’ll probably never find the love of your life…

romance_heartI’ve met a few romance addicts in my life.  They never seem to have long term relationships.  They’re always moving on.

There are a bunch of romance addicts in MLM too.  The company on the other side of the hill is always more attractive than the one they’ve already joined.  Let’s face it, all companies suck about something.  They all have problems.  They all could be better.

On the other hand; people who build wealth in MLM always stick with one company long term and keep building in spite of the problems.  Or as Tom Big Al Schreiter says, they choose the company they’re going to have their problems with and keep on building.

Chances are, if you’re addicted to that feeling you have when you’re looking for a new company and learning about their products and pay plan enough to keep you moving from one company to the next all the time, this really isn’t the kind of business you should be in.  As long as you’re more thrilled with the romance then you are with the day to day making it happen, you’ll never be truly happy.

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