It’s about their why…

Network marketing or MLM if you will has far more to do with your prospect’s why than it does with your product.  Tom “Big Al” Schreiter says:

“If your prospects aren’t listening, maybe you might want to change what you’re talking about.  Don’t blame the prospects.  Blame the person giving the presentation.”

Are you throwing up on people?  “My product is the greatest, you have to use it, your hair will grow back, your kids will do better in school, your husband will like you more, the car will get better gas mileage and you’ll lose those 45 pounds of ugly fat that you’re carrying around!  AND…you’ll get all these unbelievable benefits just by taking one convenient 2 pound tablet each morning!”

Have you even considered taking 15 or twenty minutes to find out what is going on in your prospect’s life?  Maybe ask them about their family and really listen to the answers.  Ask them about their career and how it’s going and, again, really listen to the answers.

People love to talk about themselves.  In a brief 15 or 20 minute conversation, if you listen, they will tell you why they would join you.  The problem is, you’re too busy throwing up on them to find out.

Relax!  Find out what their why is and you’ll find out what their wedge is.  A wedge is that powerful something you can use to drive between their current reality and the one they could have working with you.

Greg Arnold


It’s about their why… — 2 Comments

  1. Great post, Greg. I like the quote you included from Tom “Big Al” Schreiter. You are right, people are willing to share about themselves if you just give them the chance.

  2. I worked with a guy who loved to tell people in training sessions “god gave you 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason. you should be listening twice as much as you are talking. so shut up”

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