It’s the culture stupid…

greg_cartoon_headHave you ever joined a MLM/Network Marketing home based business and you never quite fit in? Did you find yourself not liking how they did things, maybe you wanted to change the pay plan and everything else about them to suit your needs?

Have you done this more than once? Twice? Half a dozen times? Win much?

One of the hardest things we do as humans/distributors is look for all the ways we can fit in before we look for things to change. All companies have their own culture. You may like the products, you may like your sponsor or you may like the owner. The first thing you need to work on, however, is immersing yourself in the culture. Until you become a part of the stew, you’re always going to leave a funny taste in people’s mouths.

Learn to love it. Learn to love everything about it. Tell yourself this is perfect for you. Sell out to the business model of the company that you choose. By doing this, you have a genuine opportunity for success. Without it, you’re just passing through.

Greg Arnold

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