“It’s the economy stupid.”

This of course is the now famous advice given to a presidential candidate several years ago that got him elected. Because today’s economy looks as though it’s dangerously anemic (oh what the heck, it’s going in the toilet!), literally hundreds of thousands are looking for ways to supplement their income. And some want to create a backup position as a hedge against the very real possibility of losing their job. It isn’t about having a strong desire to own their own business or even building financial independence, it’s about survival!

175,000 People joined Network Marketing companies in the U.S. in the last 30 days!  Yet there are millions of Network Marketers running around like the sky is falling because they spend too much time watching the news.  Bad news sells.  The more sensational, the better.  You simply wouldn’t watch “Kitty gets rescued from tree!”  You want to see “718,512 Jobs lost last month”  For those of you that love to wallow in the bad news, forget that I started this paragraph with “175,000 People joined Network Marketing companies in the U.S. in the last 30 days!”  Go back to worrying.

I trust that the only people I am speaking with now are those that love snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.  Fear and worry are your friends.  Not your fear and worry, but that of the millions across America who have lost their jobs, or think they will.  These skilled, intelligent, ambitious people are looking for a way out.  As a Network Marketer, you have the solution to their problem.  The economy can be your friend, the worse it gets, the more cuddly it becomes.  It’s time to start rescuing a few worried middle managers out of the tree.

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