Looking forward…

Times are tough out there.  We all know about tight money, lay-offs, foreclosures, all of us have degrees of being effected by it.  I know that what I am about to say may sound so difficult that most will say “impossible!”  Here it is…you get what you are concentrating on.  If you have problems, look past them.  If they are ever present, do whatever you need to do to come up with a plan or solution and implement it.  Just put it in place and move on.

You get what you’re looking for, don’t look for personal disasters.  Don’t relish feeling sorry for yourself.  Don’t pat yourself on the back for being so tough.  The more you think about or wallow in your problems, the longer they will last.  No one ever got rich while they were worried about their bills.  Downsize if you must, do what ever it takes to get your life into a manageable position…then charge dadgummit!

Life works for those that work…you’re going to be here to have one, you might just as well choose to enjoy the journey.

Greg Arnold

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