Michelle Obama ditches food pyramid for “My Plate” Pizza may never be the same

Jeesh, just when I was getting used to the old pyramid shape, now they change it.  Michelle Obama stole my pyramid!  Now I have to figure out this whole “My Plate” thing or I’m going to starve to death.

It was so simple before, one slice of pizza was shaped like a pyramid, therefore, it had everything I needed for a healthy meal all in one convenient slice.  Now this “My Plate” thing is round with funny colors and a glass on the side.  What am I supposed to do with that?

Ohhhh….I get it.  To the First Lady, one slice of pizza isn’t really enough.  Now she wants me to eat a whole pie.  And then wash it down with beer!  Maybe this won’t be so bad after all. I’m liking the Obama White House more and more all the time.

Greg Arnold

Here is the announcement:

USDA Ditches Food Pyramid for a Healthy Plate

USDA healthy plate June 2, 2011 — A colorful four-part plate, with a side dish of dairy, will replace the 19-year-old food pyramid as the icon of the new U.S. Dietary Guidelines.

The icon represents more than the currently recommended diet. It’s part of a drastic change. The old plan was to provide information. The new plan is to actively change American eating behavior, using all the tools of modern persuasion.

“The centerpiece of the program is this next-generation food icon,” Robert C. Post, PhD, deputy director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) center for nutrition policy and promotion, tells WebMD. “The icon is the visual cue to get to online resources, to online media, and to unified nutrition messages from public- and private-sector efforts.”

Expect a barrage of messages and reminders from the food industry, nutrition gurus, chefs, schools, nonprofit agencies, and every government agency with anything at all to say about nutrition or health. Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, and blogs will trumpet the healthy diet program.


Michelle Obama ditches food pyramid for “My Plate” Pizza may never be the same — 2 Comments

  1. Firstly, we have a woman who on March 22nd, 2011, claimed her own Daughter was classified as obese. Secondly, Michelle Obama claims she was not even aware of what BMI was. And three months later is telling the entire Nation how to fight obesity? Perhaps we need Donald Trump to force Michelle Obama to disclose *her* BMI first prior to dictating to the rest of the Nation how to slim down?

    Michelle Obama & the USDA blatantly stole “MyPlate” from a young Iowa Mom’s creation and brainchild – the Fudoo Board. The Mom had sent Michelle a prototype of these Fudoo Boards a year or so ago, hoping to contribute to the fight of childhood obesity. Obama stole it and ran – never giving credit to the Mom that developed it – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jafcl0a2M6U . IOW, Michelle Obama and the USDA developed *nothing* – MyPlate was simply stolen from a kid’s teaching tool….yes – for children.

    Yet Ms. Obama would like us all to believe it is our habits causing this obesity epidemic in the United States. Interesting that she has not attempted to work in conjunction with the USDA and the FDA to eliminate Bovine Growth Hormones and Estrogens in our meats and dairy. Apparently she has not taken a good look at the effect of both of these on human development.

    Ms. Obama has also not addressed the fact that the GMO grains produced in the US are causing a nationwide food allergy epedemic – most Americans can no longer tolerate wheat glutens or any other type. Our farmers in the US have been forced by the US Government to grow Monsanto’s genetically modified grains – aka “Roundup Ready” which essentially are engineering to withstand enormous amounts of pesticides, and once eaten by an insect it will essentially blow up in their stomachs. Imagine the effect on humans? It will not kill us instantly, however the long-term damage is quite apparent. But it is, after all, good for the medical profession, one of the few remaining industries in the Nation. There is not one item one can purchase on the inside perimeters of a supermarket that does not contain some type of gluten. Glutens are also added to pet foods – why? So the animal is hungry again shortly after eating. That is actually how it is advertised in China – as an appetite stimulant. Switch Fido’s food to gluten-free and take note how much less he eats. Same with humans.

    Has Michelle Obama taken the time to see why so many food products made in the US are bloated with high fructose corn syrups? Have any of you read the boxes of *anything* you’ve bought recently?

    And how about known carcinogens in our foods? Has Mrs. Obama taken the time to ask her FDA why Allura Red AC is in so many of our foods – like the yogurts she’s touting? And in pretty much any product made for a child. It does, after all, make candy and cough medicine look pretty. But dear, it causes cancer.

    We are not seeing not only obesity in young children and young adults, we are seeing astronomical numbers of both succumbing to cancers unheard of 20 years ago – these cancers are not afflicting the elderly – it is children and young adults – 30 year old people in hospice with only weeks to live. What has she done to investigate this/

    Has Mrs. Obama taken the time to examine why we all have aresenic and perchloride in our drinking water, and why if one has their blood tested for Arsenic it will be present?

    FLOTUS, please clean your own house before you clean ours. We all may have fallen off the turnip truck, but it was not yesterday. Do something useful and take the toxins, fillers and carcinogens out of our food supply – it is poisoning us all.

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