My MLM Fantasy…

So we’re just off the elections and more money was spent on negative ads than ever by both sides.  Frankly I wanted to know what was right about both guys.  This year was more sickening than ever for me.

So I’m an MLMer.  One of the things that is so prevalent in our industry is distributors trying to put others down rather than highlighting what’s right about their own.

My MLM fantasy would be a world where we love our own products, our own pay plans, our own companies and promote what’s right about us and forget about everyone else.  Bashing other’s products, pay plans and companies is amateurish.

Products:  They are all about the same.  Nutritionals have been studied and tested for thousands of years.  Just because a company chooses to do a new round of studies on various ingredients doesn’t mean they are any better than a company that relied on the tens of thousands of studies that were already out there.  The FDA doesn’t approve ANY products.  

Pay Plans:  If you work you get paid, if you don’t you won’t.

Companies:  More money is better.  More time in business is better.  Larger is generally better.  Percentages will always be on your side to recognize that.  But every once in a while, a new start up makes it.  

First guy in makes all the money:  Bull!  First person who explodes the business makes all the money.  Example; Dexter at Amway came along in 1965, 7 years after they started.  Unless you sponsored Dex, chances are you made very little at Amway by joining before Dex.

Be good to each other, this is a great industry.  The more we do to help each other win, the greater our industry becomes.

To your success,


Greg Arnold is a successful network marketer with over 30 years experience.  During that time he has been a top level distributor, a company CEO, and a consultant.  He enjoys being a distributor most of all because of the time and financial freedom it provides.

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