New Years Weight Loss Resolution Time, a guaranteed failure unless you do this…

It’s almost time, you’re really ready to see it through this time.  As they drop the ball on the new year, you’re going to be all gun-ho on your new diet plan.  But as it drops down the pole your resolution weakens and by the time it hits the bottom,  you’ve quit your diet.  So sad.

Ok, so it doesn’t happen that fast, more than likely you’ll make it through the first week.  But by week two you’re probably starting to rationalize the whole thing away.  Who can blame you?  Starvation isn’t all that fun.  A lifetime of starvation is impossible.  If God made you fat, who are you to go against the will of God?

Isn’t this what we do?  I certainly have.  It wasn’t until this last year that I found out how to judge your diet in just the first few days.  Here is what I found.  If you feel hungry all the time.  If you have cravings that you can’t resist without feeling guilty.  If you just know instinctively that this isn’t going to get it for you long range…you’re on the wrong kind of eating program.

You should know in the first few days that “Hey, this is easy.  I can do this forever!”  That is what I discovered the first part of last year and it has been easy ever since.  Ok, so I’m gloating.  But that is a whole lot better than bloating!  I’ve been blogging about the things I have learned over the last year.  If you want to get the weight off now and forever, write me, I’d be happy to teach you how.

Greg Arnold

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