Gorilla business cards vs PR business cards

Greg Arnold's gorilla business card, front and back

My gorilla business card, front and back

I read a book called Gorilla Marketing several years ago that changed my whole outlook on capturing new business.  One of the things it mentioned was business cards.

Is your business card promoting you and your business or is it providing public relations for your company?

Most people make the mistake of putting their company logo on their business card.  That’s ok if you work for Ford or IBM.  But your MLM company probably isn’t a household name.

Even if it were, people buy from people that they know, like and trust.  You don’t begin to build that with XYZ-Networking on your business card.

What do you do?  What is your offer.  If you want to get your card noticed and not buried, never to be seen again after you hand it out become a gorilla marketer.  Stop promoting your company and start promoting your offer.

I’ve done it too, but it isn’t smart…

greg_cartoon_headIt always baffles me when a long time successful distributor with a MLM company decides to move on to another company.  It rarely works out well.  I also don’t understand someone giving up a rock solid $10k, $20k or even more monthly income for life, to gain a stupid title like master distributor with an start-up.

Most of these companies fail and very few of your old team members/customers are going to follow you into the new deal.  Your ego can be a terrible career driver.

Getting my butt kicked…

greg_cartoon_headAt 60, learning something new can be challenging.  Online landing pages seem easy.  It’s not like they have a lot of content.  But there are rules.  Knowing those rules have their advantages.

Experience is a good teacher too.  Some lessons cost money.  Testing costs money.  I feel like, between reading a bunch of articles and watching a bunch of YouTube videos, and testing I am learning.  But it’s kicking my butt.

Winning is about getting your butt kicked, then installing a pillow, and going back for more.

I know I won’t give up on trying to make me a better person

I have had a lot of failures in the network marketing profession. I’ve had a lot of successes too. I’ve made a lot of money and I’ve spent more than I made at times.

Every time I’ve failed it has been my fault for lack of personal growth.
Every time I’ve succeeded it’s been the fault of a lot of other marketers that I attracted because I’ve grown a bit too.

You can’t control what others do. All you can do is work on yourself, keep inviting others to look at your product or opportunity and never, never quit.

There are plenty of people around who will blame everyone and everything for their failures. Life’s successful people face their failures head on, fix themselves and go win.

I hope that Greg Arnold guy is a winner, I know I won’t give up on trying to make him a better person.

Launch your attack only after you have won…

Launch your attack only after you have won the war. I know that many espouse the philosophy of “ready, fire, aim” and while you’ll have some success embracing that, empires have always been built on a different strategy.

Always keep in mind; What’s important to them. It isn’t about what you want. Zig Ziglar said; “You get what you want by helping others get what they want.”

Greg Arnold

It’s about what’s important to them…

A lot of people, you are under that very mistaken opinion that things change. People are the same today as they were 25 years ago. They have hopes and dreams, they want the best for their families, they want to take a vacation once in a while.

Find out what’s important to them and you unlock the key to building a giant organization. Worry about being old or new school and you’ll waste a lot of time before you learn it’s about what’s important to them.

Greg Arnold