Resveratrol, Resveratrol, let down your hair…

Drinking red wine might be a good thing for losing weight too. More and more Americans are drinking red wine for their health. In fact, the U.S. just became the largest wine consuming nation in the world this year. Resveratrol, the active healthy ingredient in red wine has been studied for a variety of health reasons, the latest being for weight loss…

Greg Arnold
How I an losing my big butt…

Here is a great article:

Resveratrol revs up metabolism, promotes weight loss in first ever primate study

(NaturalNews) “Resveratrol is a type of phytonutrient known as a polyphenol. Found in the skin of grapes, wine, grape juice, peanuts, and berries, it has often been hailed as a life-extending natural compound. After all, research in mice and lab rats has indicated it can protect those animals from obesity and diabetes and has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and blood-sugar-lowering effects, too. However, rats and mice are rodents — and their physiology is in many ways different from the primate family that includes apes, monkeys and, most importantly, human beings.”

“But now for the first time a study has shown resveratrol has the ability to rev up metabolism and spark weight loss in primates — and that means the polyphenol might have weight loss and even anti-aging and life-extending benefits in people, too…”

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