Skinny people don’t like fat people because they’re afraid we’ll eat them, study reveals

Of course they don’t really think we’ll eat them, just all of their food. Skinny people are repelled at the sight of fat people because evolution tells them that we are diseased, sewer rat type individuals. Seriously, a study says we are looked at like a contagious virus. Run or you might catch being fat from aunt Jenny!

Next thing you know we’re going to start telling our kids that they better go to sleep or the boogie bubble-butt man is going to get them. Watch out, he’ll eat all your cookies!

Ok, enough of this. A couple weeks ago I found out that I was causing Global Warming, now I find out that skinny people don’t like me. How am I supposed to handle all this?

I know , 2/3rds of us are over weight. We should rise up a crush the skinny bastards! Here’s the article that caused me to hatch this evil plan:

“Revealed: why slim people dislike the overweight”
By Roger Dobson and Ian Griggs

“From the taunting of the chubby child in the playground to cruel jibes at fat people in work and social settings, few could doubt there is widespread prejudice against the overweight. However, according to research reported in Evolution and Human Behavior some people suffer abuse because being too fat is mistaken by the brain for a sign of disease.”

“Researchers say the immune system can be triggered into action at the sight of obesity because it doesn’t like the look of what it sees, and associates it with infection.”

“Just as it orchestrates attacks on viruses and bacteria and triggers nausea at the hint of bad food, so it sends out signals of disgust in some people at the sight of an obese body that is designed to encourage avoidance and survival.”

“The finding comes just days after research in The New England Journal of Medicine suggested that obesity is contagious, in a social rather than bacteriological sense.”

” ‘Antipathy toward obese people is a powerful and pervasive prejudice in many contemporary populations. Our results reveal, for the first time, that this prejudice may be rooted in multiple, independent mechanisms. They provide the first evidence that obesity serves as a cue for pathogen infection,’ say the University of British Columbia researchers…”

Greg Arnold


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