The eternal food…

From the earliest periods of Egyptian history, all Egyptians were buried with at least some burial goods that they thought were necessary after death. At a minimum, these usually consisted of everyday objects such as bowls, combs, and other trinkets, along with food. Wealthier Egyptians could afford to be buried with jewelry, furniture, and other valuables, which made them targets of tomb robbers. In the early Dynastic Period, tombs were filled with daily life objects, such as furniture, jewelry and other valuables. They also contained many pottery and stone vessels.

As a general rule, over time, all of the contents of the tomb would deteriorate.  Mummies of people, cats, even beetles, everything disappears over time.  Except one curious item that has proven to last forever.  Even after being buried for thousands of years, there it lay, perfectly preserved.  Even tomb robbers seem to have respected the sanctity of this one special remnant.  Revealed here for the first time, I give you the Christmas Fruitcake, lord knows, no one else will take it.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Greg Arnold

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