Warriors, Bloody Noses, Beers and 5X5X5


They were combatants on the field and respectful friends after the battle was over.

I met with a gentleman last week who told me that one of the reasons he didn’t believe in Network Marketing was “There are only so many people in the world and eventually you’ll run out.”  Initially I found myself agreeing with him, at least in concept.

But you know, we aren’t all alike.  We as people aren’t some large robot army, all following the direction of the whole as if we were The Borg from Star Trek.  I’ve never seen a MLM group grow in perfect geometric proportions.  You don’t go get your 5 who each get their 5, who in turn each get their 5.  You don’t automatically end up with 625 people on your team just a few generations deep.  It simply never works that way.

The reason for this is most people simply won’t pay the price of success, no matter how large or how small.  Most people won’t stay focused that long nor put in that much effort.  We live in a world that doesn’t understand the difference between having a right to be happy and having the right to pursue happiness.  Most think happiness is a right and therefore somehow owed to them.

With them, paying the price associated with success is a foreign concept.  Inter Network Marketing.  Many think success comes from being one of the first to get involved.  They think that all of the guys at the top, the ones that make all the money, got there first.  They were lucky, they didn’t have to pay a price to succeed.

So there are a ton of folks out there that jump from one new company to the next looking for that special entitlement that will propel them to riches.  Well, that simply isn’t how it works.  That limited space at the top of the mountain is occupied only by those that actually climbed the mountain.  And that requires study, training and hard work.

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that it’s only the warriors that have a chance to win.  The guys who will go into battle for a cause and won’t go home until they are dead or the battle is won.  They respect their enemies, they even admire them.  A modern day warrior may even do battle then have a beer with their enemy afterwords and tell war stories.

If you want to win at anything, you have to learn to be a warrior.   You have to study, train and then fight to get what you want until you get the job done.  Why don’t multilevel teams grow in perfect geometric proportions?  Because there are damn few warriors in the world.  You don’t have the right to be happy, only pursue it.

To my friend who brought it up, the good news is you don’t need to have everyone in the world join your crusade to make a great deal of money.  You also don’t need to personally sponsor all of them either.  I have a bunch of friends who personally sponsored less than 100 people, some less than 50 to build a powerful lifetime business.  All you have to do is study and train and work hard as you pursue what makes you happy.

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