Why winners win and losers lose…

Winning isn’t so hard.

It’s easy, just do what everyone else isn’t, all the time. The hardest thing about getting to the top is breaking through the crowd at the bottom or at least walking up that long hill if you’re old like me. Most people aren’t moving toward winning, you can’t allow yourself the luxury of spending a lot of time doing the same things they do.  Losers never compete to get to the top.

All you have to do is refuse to accept losing.

People generally get what they expect and are willing to accept. What you want out of life usually has little to do with what you get out of life. So expect to win and accept nothing less. Oh, and don’t mistake the outcome of the first battle for the outcome of the last. The war ain’t over till you say it is. In a pie eating contest, you just have to take one more bite than the other guy. Expect to win and don’t ever accept losing even if you have to hang in there a little longer than it is comfortable. Losers accept losing all the time.

When you start something, finish it.

Distributors often join a MLM company and quit ten minutes later to join another one. You might say they finished what they started but a more accurate description might be that they finished before they started. In MLM, people buy your commitment before they buy anything else. They want to know that you are going to be there for them over the long haul. They want to name their children after you, and ask you to baby-sit a lot over the next 18 years for free. Yes they want your body. If they perceive you as the wham-bam-thank-you-Sam-kinda-upline, they won’t join you. Finish what you start. Losers almost always quit, but they never finish.

Do what you say you’re going do.

Always tell the truth. If you say you are going to be there, BE THERE! If you say you will call, call. If you say you will get it done, get it done. Always do what you say you are going to do. If people know that they can count on you, they’ll join you, they’ll be loyal and they’ll invite you over to dinner once in a while (bonus, free meals!). If they see you backing out of commitments all the time or worse, just not showing up, you’ll never build a big organization and you’ll miss out on Mrs. Harvey’s peach cobbler. Under promise and over deliver. Losers don’t keep promises.

Never quit.

A friend of mine once told me the story of his first two years in MLM. He attended every company function and meeting and he regularly prospected and made follow-up calls. After two years in the business, he had no customers and no distributors. He says he never quit because no one told him he could. I suspect he is telling the truth because those kind of numbers are fairly easy to remember. He later went on to build an organization of over 100,000 distributors. Had he done what most would have done, it would have never happened. Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never quit! Ya ya , I know someone already said that, but it doesn’t make it any less valid now. If there is going to be a fight, winners pack a lunch, losers make a habit of quitting before the job gets done.

Accept responsibility.

I did it. I screwed up. It’s my fault. What can I do to help resolve the situation and turn it into a win for you. If you stepped in it, you might as well fess up, it’s on your shoes anyway. Accept responsibility and always be accountable for your actions. It’s the only way you learn, and grow and get better. Don’t point fingers at others, they will only resent you for it, and they may not let you date their sister. Losers don’t get dates with anyone’s sister.

Don’t let it get you down when people say bad things about you, and if you’re winning, they will.

People will always talk about other people. Unfortunately, sometimes they feel a need to pump themselves up at your expense. And yes, they may even fib a bit to make you look bad. Don’t get too wrapped up in what people say. If you work hard, keep your promises and help others win, their words mean very little in the long run and only serve to hurt their own credibility. Losers talk too much and accomplish very little.

Have a vision and keep moving toward it.

People with vision are rare. People who are committed to their vision and hang on to it and consistently move toward it are jewels in the crown of life. While these people are preciously rare, what they do is very simple. They simple identify what gives their life meaning and forever after that move toward it and share the joy along the way. If something gives your life meaning, you may be shocked at how many others can benefit by it also. You may find that as you move toward your vision, many others will want to join you along the way. Life can be a long endless walk through a bunch of cow dung. Visionaries tend to see their dreams and move toward them, losers tend to see the cow dung at their feet and remain motionless.

Be consistent and persistent.

Have a plan and work your plan every day. Move forward every day. Prospect every day. Use your products every day. Share the dream every day. Be persistent. Be consistent. Inconsistency will kill your momentum every time. Nothing great happens overnight. Winners work month after month after month, making it happen. Even though the world doesn’t always see the progress or acknowledge the growth, the victory always goes to those that never venture off the path. Overnight success generally takes about 15 years. Losers are always too busy getting rich quick to put in the time and effort to build wealth.

Sweat a lot.

Life is tough then you die. Hard work never killed anyone. The worse that will happen is you’ll pass out and get a little needed rest. Someone once said “Never let them see you sweat” MLM is sweat equity, that’s why most people don’t have any. Someone told them work smart not hard. That’s bull! Work hard till you get smart, then work hard and smart. Let them see you sweat, good people admire hard work and tend to copy your efforts. Hard work is fun too. Frankly there isn’t a better feeling than working hard all day and knowing that, when your head hits the pillow, you had a perfect day because you did everything you could. Winners work hard and let their deeds speak for themselves, losers never let you see, even a little, sweat.

Be everyone’s biggest cheerleader.

People don’t get inspired or motivated by money. People will do more for recognition than anything else on the planet. Never let an opportunity go by to tell someone you appreciate them. Simple appreciation of others is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow on another human being. A feeling of importance, we crave it, want it, lust after it, have to have it. It drives us, frustrates us, moves us, stirs up our passions. Those that wield the great sword, dubbing all they see with the title VIP are kings among men. Winners offer a kind word and sincere compliment. They always support those that look to them for leadership. Losers are constantly patting themselves on the back.

Swear, smoke a cigar and spit sometimes.

Sometimes you just have to let it out. We are all human! Heck, you just can’t get any closer to perfection unless you remind yourself, once in a while, how bad you are when you just let it loose. You might even find out that being a well rounded, down to earth person is a good thing after all. Most people like other people that are real. A vice or two shows character, not weakness. Winners win in spite of what they are, not because of it. People can spot a phony a mile away but they never even have a twinge of suspicion about a guy who is just being himself and having fun doing it. Deep down inside, losers have trouble accepting themselves, so it is very hard for them to just let their hair down and relax. Winners swear, smoke a good cigar (ladies too) and spit sometimes.

Smile a lot. Laugh a lot.

Try it, you’ll like it. Laugh at yourself every chance you get. If that’s a little tough, try laughing at me for a while. When you get good and worked up, turn that laughter back at you and see if it doesn’t make you feel good. The best part of insanity is you are free to laugh often and hard and you don’t get embarrassed by it. Successful MLM requires a high degree of professional insanity and a rich sense of humor. Try giving the CEO of your current MLM a hot foot, he’s probably a worthless son of a gun anyway and needs a little laugh himself. Losers NEVER give their CEO’s a hotfoot, well neither do winners, but I have this small evil streak.  I just have to let out once in a while. Write me, I’ll send you a book of matches!

Learn to Drive.

If you already know how to drive, then take a drive in the country once in a while. Also, pick people up for opportunity meetings, or coffee table discussions, or what ever you call them. Listen to cd’s that help you grow personally in your car too. Oh and pick up your sweetie and go park on top of a hill someplace on a moonlit night and neck a little. Winners pick people up for special occasions that can make their businesses grow.  Losers scrunch their noses up against the window, in that special nose scrunching line, waiting for their prospect to arrive.

Always believe you will win. Prepare to win.

Never think, for even a moment, that there is the slightest possibility you could lose. Always know that somehow there is a way to win and you are going to find it. Prepare for your winning moments. Read books, listen to cd’s, go to meetings, talk to everyone you meet, practice your craft, practice your craft. Practice your craft. Monster MLM is a skill developed by those brave enough to always workout. Winning is something you do everyday a little bit at a time. Losers simply don’t prepare to win.

Call your Mom.

She told me to tell you that.

Use your products. Give some product to a needy friend.

Be a product of your products, use all of them you can. It will make a believer out of you and belief is powerful. Also, not everything you do should be for profit. Share a product with a friend in need, just because it’ll make you feel good. Winners find creative ways to use and promote their own product lines, losers often complain about their purchase requirement.

Ride a big, mean, ugly, nasty, fun roller coaster.

It’s fun and reminds you that even though you go through a few ups and downs, you always survive (even though you don’t believe it when you’re going through them). Winners always want to go again, losers usually don’t get in line.


Losers don’t.

Greg Arnold is a successful network marketer with over 30 years experience.  During that time he has been a top level distributor, a company CEO, and a consultant.  He enjoys being a distributor most of all because of the time and financial freedom it provides.

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