7 Secrets To Smile 90% more and feel more relaxed and live longer

People who are happy live longer, fuller, more meaningful lives.  Like anything else we can learn to be happy.  Here are 7 secrets to living a more happy, stress free life:

1. Smile…really, practice smiling more often.  It not only increases your face value, it makes you feel more happy.  When you’re on the phone either with a friend or at work…smile.  When you are waiting in line, smile.  At the bank or grocery store, smile.  Smile at your co-workers.  Heck, even try smiling at your boss.  I promise, this one little thing will improve your life dramatically.  And as the song goes…”When you’re smiling, when your smiling, the whole world smiles with you.”

2. Speaking of songs; Sing!  Zig Zigler once said that “We don’t sing because we’re happy, we’re happy because we sing.”  Sing in the shower, sing in your car on the way to work or on the way to anywhere.  Sing in church.  Sing at the top of your voice at birthday parties.  Sing.  A song a day keeps the doctor away.

3. Sign up for a free internet joke service.  Read at least one new joke each day.  Pass it on.  If you have friends that will tolerate your singing, surely they’ll listen to your joke too.

4.  Laugh often, laugh out loud.  Laughing is exceptionally good for you.  The more you choose to laugh the happier you are.  Don’t just laugh like a secret agent, belly laugh.  Laugh like you mean it.  Make it a point to laugh for 5 minutes every day.

5.  Rent and watch a funny movie at least once a week, once a day if you can.  It doesn’t have to be current.  I love Steve Martin’s “The Jerk.”  I love Peter Sellars’ “The Party.”  I love funny movies.  Instead of watching the news, watch a funny movie.  Romantic comedies are good too.

6.  Tell at least 1 person per day that you love them.  Advanced happiness group; tell at least three people per day that you love them.  Yes, this will make you happy.  It won’t hurt those that you tell you love them either.  Spreading happiness is a bonus.

7.  And along the line of spreading happiness; do something nice for someone every day.  It could be as small as walking a boy scout across the street.  Or paying the toll for someone behind you at the booth.  Next time you have a conversation and someone’s name comes up, say something nice about them.  Practice talking nice about other people.  Carry someones groceries out, open a door, give up your place in the grocery line to someone with only one or two items.  Random acts of kindness will make you happy.

So there they are, 7 secrets to living a longer, happier life.  Just so you don’t get the wrong idea about me; no I am not being benevolent in writing this and sharing it with you.  Well, maybe a little. But, remember #7, this is my random act of kindness just for you for today.

Live long and feel great,

Greg Arnold

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