A coward’s way to riches…

I am the world’s biggest coward.  I don’t do cold calling.  Yep, I’m afraid to ask total strangers to join my opportunity.  I don’t send out opportunity offers to my social networks friends list.  I know many people do, but I don’t like to bother people.  Call me an aggressive non-aggressive.  I make it a personal rule never to sponsor anyone until they tell me that they want to join me in my opportunity.

It’s true, they have to ask me to join before I ever call them and talk to them for the first time.  10 to 20 people per month currently do just that.  Of those that ask, I sponsor about 60% of them.

The other thing you should know is I don’t participate in any free or one pay or low premium opportunities.  It costs $180 to join me then about $140 per month.  I tell you this because I want to impress upon you that you don’t have to beg people to join you.  In fact, it simply doesn’t work.

What do I do.  Well, I am an online social animal.  I write blogs, I post in others blogs, I participate in forums, I send out greetings in my social networks two to three times each day.  I have a Monday morning radio show, I do a Wednesday evening webinar, I write articles, and I give tons of free advice out.

Doing all this creates a steady stream of traffic to my website (greg-arnold.com) which is set up in four pages, each a squeeze page or landing page.  This creates a steady stream of highly targeted leads.  Some of which are ready to ask me to sponsor them.  I send all my leads an invitation each week to come to my webinar.

All of this creates 6 to 12 new sponsorships each month.  It all takes a discipline to be consistent everyday, but it is worth it.  I can teach anyone to do it, but I have already given you a pretty good outline right here in this blog.  Making money doesn’t have to be difficult.  Most people make it a lot harder then it really is.

BTW, I have sponsored 3 terrific people from Successville in the last week, as well as 1 from my blog, 3 from Facebook, 1 from Amazon books and 2 from MySpace.  All in the last week.  Ok it’s been a little better than normal.  But I still can’t stress enough, anyone can do it.

Best of success to you,

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