A perfect problem free life…

Don’t you know a perfect, problem free life is only for rich people. Rich people never go through the awful stuff that average and ordinary people go through.  That’s why they’re evil.  They deserve to be blamed for everything that goes wrong in all our lives.

No I don’t believe that.  But I thought I’d spew out a few things that people actually do believe.  Not if you’re accountable of course, but who is accountable these days.  Politicians have been telling us that it’s not our fault for too long.  The school system has convinced us that we are all products of our environment and there is no use trying to change that.

Well, baloney!  Most of your station in life will be in direct proportion to how well you solve the problems that are presented to you.  If you have a problem with how much money you make…learn to solve that problem.  The first step is to admit that it’s YOUR problem.  Until you do that you can’t or won’t go looking for ways that YOU can solve it.

Solutions aren’t always at your fingertips, nor are they always easy to find.  In fact solving problems in and of itself is a skill.  If you don’t have the skill, you need to develop it.  How?  One way is to gain experience.  Instead of running from them or blaming them on others, work on your own solutions.  The more you practice this, the better you get at it.

You can also seek out your own problem solving mentors.  No matter what is going on in your life, tons of other people have been there and done that.  Some have come up with powerful solutions.  Seek out their answers.  How do you find a mentor?  Look around for people who have successfully come from where you’re at and ask them for advice.  People love to help other people, you may be shocked at how eagar they are to help you to help yourself.

The point is, you can have anything you want out of life as long as you are willing to find the solutions you need to get it.  Most rich people are just better at solving problems than you are right now.  They have been on that path longer and have reaped the rewards for it.  In other words, they have solved a bunch more problems than you have.

Whether you are successful in life, or your life is a complete mess, chances are, it’s your fault.

Greg Arnold

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