A shot across their bow for a change…

It seems that every time you turn around some jerk makes news by saying how much he hates Network Marketing.  It’s a free country, with free speech, why not.  Let the blowhard purge his steam valve a little.  The problem is, you never see the media running good stories about Network Marketing.

Yes, I know, I’ve said in the past that only bad news sells.  But once in a while the crusader in me thinks that enough is enough.  I want to go to war because those crud-balls out there get to say anything they want and no one calls them on it.

Well not this time!  For a few magical moments on the Trent Daniels Show tomorrow afternoon, we get to fight back.  We get to tell our side and let the public decide.  I’ve been saying for months that MLM is the salvation for tens of thousands in an economy that only seems to be bad news.

175,000 people joined our cause from all over America last month.  To let a few simple minded people run roughshod over the American dream is criminal in my opinion.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon at 2 Central time, MLM Watchdog Rod Cook and Home Based Radio Show Host Tom Chenault will be the guests of Mr. Trent Daniels at http:www.CNN650.com.

Why not listen in live as we fire a shot across their bow for a change. Well, knowing Rod, it will probably be more than one shot and broadside will be closer to the target.  Don’t miss it, this should be fun.

Go Get Em Guys…

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