Airlines don’t really charge extra for bags, they charge extra for our baggage!

Airlines don’t really charge extra for bags, they charge extra for our added baggage! It used to be that we could carry a couple 50 pound pieces of luggage on the plane with us for free. But, since the 1980’s we have been growing larger around the middle as a nation. Much larger. Obesity existed in 1980, but it was confined to the kid in fifth grade or the lady you saw around town once in a while. Now two out of every three of us are fat (height challenged to be politically correct) and 1 out of every three of us is really fat (incredibly short for our weight).

We’re carrying around our own 50 pound bags all the time. The clothes manufacturers caught on to this years ago and started re-number sizing their products. A 14 today used to be a 22. 14 makes us feel better. I have a friend who weighed 95 pounds when she graduated from high school in the 70’s and now she weighs 104 (I know, I hate her too). At 95 pounds in the 70’s she wore a size 5. At 104 in 2011 she is a double zero. The clothes manufacturers may be making us feel a little better, but are they really doing us any favors?

When McDonald’s opened in the 50’s you could buy a hamburger or a cheeseburger. They used 1/10th pound patties. If you were really hungry you ordered two of them. There was only one size french fries too. Now they have double 1/4 pounders, really large boxes of french fry’s and one quart size sodas.

For a while they were advertising super-size options. The movie “Super Size Me” took that out of vogue so now they give you just as much as super-size but they call it large. They are simply giving us what we think we want. Even in today’s economy, we don’t really care what we pay for our tray full of food, as long as there is a lot of it.

Back to the airlines. With deregulation they have to compete to survive. They couldn’t simply make the seat room bigger. In fact it’s gotten smaller. With each of us weighing 50 pounds more than we would have in the 70’s, they now charge us for our luggage. But it really has nothing to do with our suitcases, it’s our super-size butts.

Then there is that airline that advertises that bags fly free, well that’s true…they just don’t let “incredibly short for their weight” people on the plane. Unless they pay for two seats that is.

Greg Arnold

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