Attack! Always stay on offense…

Some of you know that I was a volunteer offensive football coach every year in the fall.  I love the strategy of the game and it was one ways I had an opportunity of giving back to our community.  Many kids have no other way to learn about winning in life other than through sports.  I think everyone should know something about football if they are going to win the MLM game.

The school I coached at had only 300 students.  We had enough kids turn out for football to field a team, but not enough to have an offensive and defensive platoon.  Which means most of our kids played both offense and defense.  Since we were at the small end of the AA spectrum we tended to play schools that were as much as twice our size.

The larger talent pool often gave our opponents a great advantage, at least on paper.  To win our games a few things had to happen offensively.  We needed to play mistake free football.  We needed to mix our plays well to keep the defense on its heels.  And, we had to control the time of possession.  It was critical for us to be on the field offensively at least 65% of the time.

The reason we had to control the clock was because we played what is known as iron man football.  Again, our kids had to play both offense and defense.  In my opinion, playing offense requires less than half the energy that playing defense does.  On offense you control where you are going and what you are doing.  Offense is more fun than defense too.  Scoring is not only fun, it energizes you.  Not to mention, football heroes are almost always offensive players.  As the song goes, “you have to be a football hero to get along with the beautiful girls.”  It’s just a song, please don’t write bad comments about me being a sexist slob.

On defense your whole game is about reaction and trying to stop the other guys from making you look bad.  It requires lots of energy.  When you want to stay fresh, you have to stay on offense.  When you are playing bigger, faster, stronger schools, you have to keep their offense off the field to win.  So what does that have to do with MLM?

Calling offensive plays in MLM

Here are just a few offensive plays in MLM; Prospecting, Showing the plan, Sponsoring, Attending meetings and functions, Listening to conference calls, Using the product line, Being on autoship, Building a retail customer base, Investing in books and audios, Attending generic training seminars, Setting and achieving your goals and…Teaching (by example) those that look to you for leadership to do all of the above also.

These are all offensive plays because they give you energy, they build your business and your income, they are fun, and they keep you positive and headed down the field towards the goal line.  They keep you focused and you have complete control of all these actions.  When you control your actions, you control your numbers and therefore you control the outcome.  In other words, you win!

Calling Defensive MLM Plays

Here are the defensive calls in MLM; Worrying about whether your downline is doing enough to build your income, Constantly calling the home office to solve all yours and your team’s problems, Worrying about back-orders, Spending more than 20% of your time in management mode, Discussing problems with your team members, Deciding whether you should be on autoship or not, Deciding whether you are going to let this month’s autoship go through, Deciding whether to go to this next meeting or function, Deciding whether or not to be on the next conference call,  and…there are a bunch of other inaction’s you can concern yourself with that just flat wear you out, but I think you get the idea.

The minute you begin to play defense in MLM is the minute you begin to kill your business.  Once you start playing defense, doubt starts to creep in.  You will begin to question whether you are with the right company, if MLM is viable or not, or whether it is all worth it.  I promise you, every MLM opportunity that you have ever quit, that action was preceded by you switching from playing offensive to playing defensive.

No One Quits When They Are on Offense!

When ever you begin to have doubt creep in…ATTACK!  When ever you begin to question your company’s pay plan, product line or home office support…ATTACK!  When ever you see your downline begin to lose enthusiasm…ATTACK!  There are almost no problems in your MLM career that can’t be solved by sponsoring a new person!  Stay on offense.  ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK!

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