Does she or doesn’t she? Only her Home Based Business knows for sure…

We all know that there are a lot of women in home based business. We also know that many marketers target “stay at home moms” “single moms” “soccer moms” all as if every woman on the planet drives a mini-van.

Maybe I am totally off base here but aren’t most women warriors? If it’s true that all women fit in to one of the categories above, they certainly have to be warriors to make the right things happen for their families. What about professional women? Many have had to compete in a world run by good old boys. They need to be warriors too.

My point is, women may smell nicer then men do, but often they need to be tougher at the same time. In fact, quite often, they are. So ladies, you might have been brought up to let the guy ask you out first, maybe you give him hints until it’s his idea, maybe you do have a nurturing streak, but there is a warrior inside you.

That warrior is who will determine your success in life. That warrior is the one who will build a huge home based business. Embrace your inner warrior.

Ok, so I’m finished being a chauvinist pig now. I hope you got my point.

Greg Arnold

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