Drug addicts and rock stars…

So I had a two-on-one appointment with one of my team members this morning. She is awesome. She had met a young man at the bowling alley (he is 28) who wanted to know more about our business. Well, from second one he had little interest or ability to listen to anything. His story changed at least three times during the short conversation. Not one of our better appointments. He was asked towards the end of our conversation what he would do if he were making an extra 17k per month? This was somewhat revealing; “I would buy coke and put it up my nose.”

Ok, so maybe he wasn’t our next superstar. But my associate was. She told him that he wasn’t the guy we were looking for. She was polite, but firm. We don’t always talk to the right people, but people none the less, can be fascinating. Rachel, my associate, has my eternal respect and admiration.

After that I went to breakfast with one of the MLM industry’s true rock stars, Mr. Tom Chenault. Tom also happens to be my upline leader. I’m tough on my upline leaders. I have been around and they have to know their onions. Tom does. Our conversations are frank, honest, sometimes brutal and always enlightening. I hate him…And I love him too. While I don’t always like or agree with what he says, I always appreciate that he has the courage, conviction and compassion to say it.

Today was no different. We talked about developing leaders and disagreed about developing leaders. We talked about building a business and disagreed about building a business. Do I think he is wrong?….nope, just different approaches. Now to my point…I still learn from Tom and, even when he provokes me, I force myself to be totally accountable to him. He is my upline, my friend, my respected peer and my accountability partner. If you choose to find someone that skilled and that experienced, who you let that far in, you will be going places. I highly recommend it.

Greg Arnold


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