Endurance and prayers answered

Last Monday my sister-in-law’s 13 year old granddaughter was abducted by a 19 year old boy she met on a social network site. While she obviously gave him her address for a meet-up, from the way things were tossed in the house it didn’t appear she left with him voluntarily.

We posted this with our Facebook friends who re-posted it and Tweeted it and so on. Yesterday a bank teller in Galveston, TX recognized her and called local police. I can’t help but believe that the same social networking that she so stupidly used to meet this guy, also had a big hand in bringing this to the wonderful conclusion we have experienced.

The last several days have been something we have had to endure. Yes we went about what we normally do trying to act as if things were normal. But they weren’t normal, our guts were grinding out, we were silently preparing mentally for the worst, terrible times all around. You can’t prepare for these things. Maybe you can indeed talk to your kids, maybe try to keep the world away from them, but if they are going to be determined in their efforts to be stupid…well, there really isn’t anything you can do outside of locking them in your basement. That isn’t a suggestion BTW.

Sometimes all you can do is pray. I don’t know if God really took an interest in this little girl. Somehow I doubt it. But none the less, prayer does help sometimes. It seems to help us endure, maybe that is what it’s for.

Hoping you never have need of this kind of endurance,

Greg Arnold

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