Epiphany…helping those that look to you for leadership to get what they want

For the last few months we have been working on a program with a lead partner to create very strong custom leads for our team members. We tested several banners and web pages through upwards of two million banner impressions over the internet.

Here’s what we learned and reaffirmed through the process:

1. Most people still don’t want to talk to their warm market unless they can brag about already making money.

2. Most people don’t want to give you their real information on an internet form.

3. Nobody wants to make cold lead calls.

4. Nobody wants to do any selling.

5. Lots of people still want to have a successful home based business and control their own life if they don’t have to do any of that stuff.


In solving these objections we figured out a way to create super-prospects for our distributor team members. Now we make all the cold calls and sift through hundreds of leads to sort out those who are indeed looking for a home based business. Then we send those prospects to watch a ten minute movie about our building and mentoring system. Then we call them back and verify that they like it and would like to participate in it. And then we introduce those super-prospects (we call them “Custom Introduction Leads”) to our distributors.

From there, all our team members have to do is call their Custom Introduction Leads, ask them a few scripted questions and then three-way them into their trained, skilled upline team member who will do all the explaining and selling for them. Does that mean we are creating distributors for them? No, but we are creating the kind of prospect that we would all love to be talking with.

Whether you are a network marketer or own a retail shop selling trinkets on main street, you need to have a steady stream of potential customers for your business or you go out of business. We simply have found a way to solve that problem for our team members in a way that is palatable for them.

Zig’s Law

Yes we are doing a lot for our new team members but, didn’t Zig Zigler say something about getting what you want by helping enough others to get what they want. What can you do today to start helping those that look to you for leadership to get what they want?

Greg Arnold

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