Eye will strike up the brand

If it’s IMPORTANT to CBS why isn’t it important to you.  What are you doing to build your personal name brand?  Do you have your own website in your name (http://GregArnold.com) do you have a blog that you regularly write in and in your name? (http://GregArnoldBlog.com)  Do you regularly write articles? Are you listed in Who’s Who In MLM? (http://whoswhoinmlm.com) It’s only $49.95 for a lifetime inclusion.

If CBS thinks it’s important to promote themselves, why is it bad for Network Marketers?  Think about what it will take for you to become a MLM / Network Marketing name brand and go to work on it.  Don’t forget getting to the top of your company’s pay plan.  It’s always helpful to be the best.

Eye will strike up the brand.

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