Fail forward a lot…

New MLM/Network Marketing distributors ask me all the time what is the most important thing they could do in their first year as a marketer?

My response always seems to throw them for a loop; Fail fast, fail often, and learn from your valuable experiences.

As humans we hate failure, we vilify failures, yet we don’t learn any other way. Show me a man that faces his failures head on, embraces them and learns from the experience and I will show you someone who is destined to succeed in a very big way.

Want to be a highly successful Network Marketer? Start failing! I know that you’re afraid. I know that the NO’s kill you inside. But they get easier to handle as you experience more of them. If you can bring yourself to collect more NO’s then anyone you know, I promise, you’ll be more successful then anyone you know.

If you haven’t done this yet in you MLM career, it’s time to go back to day one and fail fast, fail often, and learn from your valuable experiences.

Greg Arnold

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