Fat people more likely to forget…now where did I put that blog?

According to some study run by skinny people, the fatter you get the less you remember. I have a real problem believing all that. If we really were forgetful, we’d be skinny because we’d forget to eat! I’ve missed a few meals on purpose, but I’ve never forgotten to eat one. Heck, most of the time it’s all I can think about.

Now if they were saying that fat people are more preoccupied with food, I’d totally agree with that. In fact, that may be the whole problem with this study in the first place. Maybe their fat subjects were thinking about food at the time. Who can remember a series of anything when you have fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy on your mind? And just how close to meal time did they give this test?

I hate to call foul, but I’m pretty sure it was run by skinny people who were out to prove what they already believe, “Fat people aren’t very bright.”

Greg Arnold

The greater your weight, the lower your IQ, say scientists
By Nina Goswami

It is bad for your blood pressure, knocks years off your life and is a strain on your heart. Now scientists have discovered that gaining weight lowers your intelligence.

The findings follow last week’s government figures that show Britain as the “fat man” of Europe, with nearly a quarter of adults and more than 14 per cent of children under 16 classified as obese.

The new five-year study of more than 2,200 adults claims to have found a link between obesity and the decline in a person’s cognitive function. The research, conducted by French scientists, which is published in this month’s Neurology journal, involved men and women aged between 32 and 62 taking four mental ability tests that were then repeated five years later.

The researchers found that people with a Body Mass Index – a measure of body fat – of 20 or less could recall 56 per cent of words in a vocabulary test, while those who were obese, with a BMI of 30 or higher, could remember only 44 per cent…

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