Fried chicken…

fried chicken

Fried Chicken, yum, yum

Truth is, I love fried chicken.  Having grown up in a family of Arkansas born and raised parents, my mom fried great chicken.  When I married Pattie, I suspected she could fry chicken too.  She was born to Arkansas born and raised parents too.  Surprise, surprise, surprise, she could make wonderful fried chicken.

Today, every time we go into a grocery store I ask her if she’d like to pick up a bucket of fried chicken, only $5.99 for eight pieces.  Heck at WinCo, you can get 12 pieces for only about 8 bux.  But she always tells me no.

I wonder if it’s because we switched to a plant based diet about a year ago.  I guess there are some benefits to being over 100 pounds lighter.

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