Getting better…

Network marketing is a career, not a company.   It’s about working to get better all the time.  Someone once said that MLM is nothing but personal development with a comp plan attached.   I tend to agree with that.  Richard Brooke says:

“How you and I act creates our value in the world … to the people around us like family, friends, coworkers and clients. When we act with excellence, speak with excellence, listen with excellence, and behave as excellent as we can in the moment, we are valued, we are attractive, we are trusted and we are loved.”

So if personal development is such a great thing, how come it’s so tough?  I hate to hear how inadequate I am so darned often.  Every time I read a great self-help book or even a great business “how to” book, I find out something else about myself that I don’t like very much.  Something else I need to begin work on.  I feel like one of those highways that is always under construction.

Yet I know through experience that all the time I spend working on me, is the best time I’ve ever spent.  Yeah, getting better is tough, you’re constantly getting hot asphalt poured on you.  But the road to success is always under construction, you just have to keep working on it.

Greg Arnold

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