Half of us will be obese in less than 20 years, are you kidding me…that’s awesome!

Half of us will be obese in less than 20 years, are you kidding me…That’s AWESOME!

Right now every single fat person walks in a room full of people and looks for someone fatter than they are. They can’t help it. When they spot that person they are dramatically relieved. That means they don’t have to feel self conscious. If they don’t find that person who is fatter than they are, then they just want to die.

The good news is by 2030, that will be a lot easier than it is today! Half of us will be really fat by then and your chances of spotting people that are fatter than you are will greatly increase. You see, not all news that you hear is bad news! Let’s order a pizza and celebrate…

Greg Arnold
How I’m losing my big butt!

Inspirational article:

Half Of All Americans Obese By 2030 With UK Close Behind

If present trends persist, the USA will have 65 million and the UK 11 million more obese people by 2030, bringing the US obese total to 164 million people, approximately half the country’s population, researchers from the University of Oxford, England and Columbia University, New York, reported in The Lancet.

Dr. Y Claire Wang and Professor Klim McPherson, in the second Paper in The Lancet Obesity Series, examined trends in obesity in the USA and the UK, and what the impact is and will likely be on disease prevalence and healthcare spending.

The researchers explain that several acute and chronic illnesses and conditions linked to overweight burden a society in several ways: people’s quality of life are negatively affected, and the economic toll for the overweight individual and society as a whole is considerable – mainly from lost productivity and greater health care costs.

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