I started my own meet-up group…

A few months ago I started my own meet-up group. Actually I took over a defunct one; AllCity Chamber. I wanted it to be different in that I really wanted a small mastermind group rather than a large sock puppet show. Sock puppet show; where everyone stands around and talks at each other.

So a few months later, I have a group of 5-8 regulars who are all really sharp business people that sit around and discuss with each other what is on their minds about business. We seek and get good advice, we pass on our successes and our failures. We’re supposed to meet at 1:30 on Fridays for lunch, and it’s supposed to end at 3:pm. Often we are still there at 5:pm. This is a good group that really enjoy each other. Most of us are 50 and older.

A couple weeks ago I was talking about how my webpage (http://InhouseCapitalFunding.com) was starting to attract enough traffic that I was getting 2-3 calls per week from interested businesses, and producing a sale per week from it. Warren Whitlock asked why I wasn’t sending paid traffic to the site? I hadn’t thought about it. Yet another potentially great idea from my group.

I started sending paid traffic to my site a few days ago. So far, it’s costing me about $1.50 per phone call. Frankly it would be highly profitable if it were costing me $100 per phone call.

My message is, start a group, find a good group, get together with business people not in your field of expertise. Starting my own group has been very powerful for me. I have yet to walk away without at least one very good idea.

Greg Arnold

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