I was concerned that we were getting too fat, then I learned you could just add another X

For the longest time I have been concerned that we were becoming way too fat as a society.  But it recently came to my attention that all they have to do is add a new X to the sizes.  X-Large used to be the big boy on the block, then XX-Large.  After we showed our true potential for gurthiness, they added an XXX-L.

Well those boys at Big and Tall stores have the solution for the obesity problem worldwide.  It doesn’t matter that 50% of us will be obese in the next twenty years, they’ll just keep adding X’s to our clothing.  You have to figure they can make that tag a lot fatter than it currently is.  Shoot, you won’t even notice it until it stretches about half way around your neck.  On your pants they could run X’s all the way down the side of your pant leg and call it a fashion statement.

So go ahead and forget all my other weight loss posts before this.  There is good news all around, I also found out that polyester’s aren’t little animals either.  That means no animals will be harmed or killed as we expand your personal territory, and you can get as big as you want and they’ll just keep adding X’s for you.

Greg Arnold
How I am losing my big butt…

The article that inspired this blog:

Out of control obesity has led to size XXXXL clothing

“(NaturalNews) Obesity rates have reached epic proportions — literally — as a new British retailer unveils its largest clothing size ever: the XXXXL size. According to a recent report in New York Daily News, “High and Mighty”, a U.K. “big and tall” store for men recently plopped the XXXXL clothing on its store shelves, with expanded shirts for men that have 64-inch chests, and widened pants for men that have 60-inch waists.”

“We are leading increasingly sedentary lives,” explained John Murphy, director of retail operations at High and Mighty, to Telegraph reporters concerning the new size line. “It is hard for parents to keep their children away from the television or the computer, and the consequences of that are visible.”

“According to the Telegraph, a full quarter of Britons are now officially obese. Twenty percent of British men now have a waist size larger than 38 inches, and a chest size larger than 44 inches. And obesity has become so mainstream that “fat” clothes are now being sold alongside normal clothes in many mainstream retail shops.”

“Clearly so many are reaching this weight that clothes to fit them are available on the High Street (a generic name for a primary business street) alongside normal sizes,” emphasized Tam Fry, spokeswoman for the National Obesity Forum. “The public health implications are huge, and it is going to take a generation or more to tackle this crisis.”

“High and Mighty plans to more than double the number of its retail stores within the next three years — increasing from its 14 current stores to 25 — since increasing numbers of new men are falling into the larger size category.”

“And another “big and tall” retailer recently began selling “plus-size” clothing for children as young as three years old, citing the fact that a whole new generation of obese children needs clothing that comes in sizes larger than what is currently available.”

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