Immerse yourself in the team culture…

You’ve been involved in your network marketing business for a couple months.  You’ve been to an opportunity meeting and now you’re at home watching NCIS.  “I don’t have anyone going to the meeting, why should I go?” Well, its the culture stupid!

I know, you’re smarter than everyone else.  You’ve got no one coming so it’s a waste of time for you to be there.  Besides, NCIS is far more important to your future.  Well my friend, you don’t know it yet, but you’re already toast.  You’re gone, kaput, road kill.  And it’s your own darn fault!

In an alternate universe,  the one where you’re successful…you’d be attending all the meetings and functions.  In that universe you know how critical it is to immerse yourself in the culture. There, you’ll know that no one has ever had a life changing epiphany while watching prime time TV.  You’ll know the importance of being involved.  You’ll know it’s good to be around excited, happy people who are all moving toward a common goal.  In that universe you are a strong team player and you’re supporting others with your presence.  In that universe, you aren’t selfish!

In order to get what you want out of the business, you have to give something in to it.  You have to participate.  You can’t do it by yourself, we all need to be a part of the culture to succeed in it.  If you could do it by yourself, you would have already done it.  When you’re ready to win, to really win, you’ll get committed to the process.   Part of that process is showing up.

Immerse yourself in your team’s culture, it’s part of your road to success.

Greg Arnold

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