Increase you value to society…

greg_cartoon_headWant more money?  Offer more service.  Things are worth what they are worth.  There is no shortage of people who will trade their time for very little money.  I respect anyone who works for a living.  Many who work two jobs get double that respect level.  But there is a whole world out there that will pay you more money just to increase your value to society.

You could say “I don’t know how to do those higher paying jobs”  Well, you could learn.  After all, there was a time when you couldn’t say “would you like cheese on that” or flip a burger either.  My son spent 6 years in the Air Force learning to work on planes.  After he got out he took a training class so he could pass his FAA A&P Certification class.  That way he could do what he already knew how to do on civilian planes.

Then he put in over 500 applications to find a job in his field.  Now he is a very high paid professional.  He paid the price to increase his value.  There are a million other examples of what has been done and can be done today.  Want a raise, go get it.  More money is waiting for you if you’re willing to increase your value to society.

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