Is reverse marketing rude or just stupid…

I have banner ads running on about 60 websites right now.  These ads come back to my webpage to create leads for my network marketing business.  Sometimes people from various advertising companies or other network marketers click on my banners and fill out my form for no other reason than to sell or recruit me.   Yes, I know, it’s happened to all of us.   But does that make it any less rude to spend my money to sell something to me.  Why would I be receptive to that. If I wanted to talk to you about your product or opportunity, wouldn’t I click on your banner?

So is this merely rude, or is it stupid too?  Today I called one of my leads and the guy treated me badly, then tried to imply it was probably someone in his office that filled out the form, then tried to reverse me into his networking deal.   This made me angry, suspicious of his methods and highly questioning of his ethics…in other words I became the perfect potential partner for him.   Dumb #%&!  It’s my blog, I get to rant on occasions. So here is my message: David (his real name) you’re an idiot.

The answer to the question above is that reverse marketing IS rude and it IS stupid.  Avoid being both, the world will like you more.

Greg Arnold

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