It’s your brain’s fault that you’re fat…

You may not know this but your brain is one of the largest energy draws in your body.  When it comes to calorie burn, it’s a real pig.  That may be the single biggest reason that we aren’t still living it trees.  A couple million years ago our brains were about the same size as our chimp cousins.  As we evolved though, we began to think about how we could change our environment.

The more we thought, the more energy our brains needed.  We began to look for energy dense (calorie rich foods) to feed our brains.  We started to crave them.  That was all well and good before the food industry started to make it easy for us to satisfy those cravings.

Stay away from processed mac and cheese, simple carb pastas, fast food and Christmas cookies which are all sugars and you’ll be fine.  Your brain is designed to burn fat.  Cut down on the sugars and carbs and it will do it’s job and you’ll get and stay thin.

Try not to think about it too much, just do it!

Greg Arnold
How I Lost 91 Pounds

From The New Yorker
“…Brains are calorically demanding organs. Our distant ancestors had small ones. Australopithecus afarensis, for example, who lived some three million years ago, had a cranial capacity of about four hundred cubic centimetres, which is roughly the same as a chimpanzee’s. Modern humans have a cranial capacity of about thirteen hundred cubic centimetres. How, as their brains got bigger, did our forebears keep them running? According to what’s known as the Expensive Tissue Hypothesis, early humans compensated for the energy used in their heads by cutting back on the energy used in their guts; as man’s cranium grew, his digestive tract shrank. This forced him to obtain more energy-dense foods than his fellow-primates were subsisting on, which put a premium on adding further brain power. The result of this self-reinforcing process was a strong taste for foods that are high in calories and easy to digest; just as it is natural for gorillas to love leaves, it is natural for people to love funnel cakes.”

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