Just move, don’t worry if you’re like me; The Anti-gazelle

Well my weight continues to move down.  My eating is pretty much a lifestyle thing.  As I was out jogging with my daughter Mindy the other day, one of our friends said she looked very graceful out there.  What am I, chopped liver? She does look great. She is down from 148 pounds to 131!

Ok, I don’t glide along like a gazelle.  Pretty much the opposite really.  When my left foot goes down my right layer of fat is still moving up.  Nothing seems to flow gracefully.  My daughter said I was ungazellelike.  It sounded like something you’d say if someone sneezed.

Then she changed her mind.  She thought that was unfair to the gazelles to make that kind of comparison.  She thought I looked so ungraceful that I deserved my own individual description.  “The anti-gazelle.”

Your children love you.  You know they do.  But sometimes you’re the butt of their enjoyment.  All I have to say is it really doesn’t matter how you look doing it, get out and move every day.  You’ll feel better, you’ll look better…over time.  You may even get your own name.

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