Just taking a walk…winning today, everyday, is everything!

A while back I heard someone say something like “if you’re leading but no one is following then you’re just taking a walk.”  Well, maybe.  It may be true that if you’re just talking about getting it done and pointing the way for others to go then “taking a walk” describes what you’re doing pretty well.

On the other hand, if you’re committed to a cause, if you’re headed in a specific direction that can and will benefit you and others who choose to follow you, that’s leadership even if no one is following you now.  Many times leadership is about blazing new trails.  It’s never a popularity contest.  Winning has everything to do with personal commitment.

What you do today has everything to do with whether you are a winner or not in your network marketing/home based business.  If your plan is to build your MLM business then recruiting/sponsoring is part of that.   What are you doing today/everyday to sponsor someone?  If the answer is nothing, then you aren’t winning today.  Telling everyone else to sponsor someone isn’t leadership, it’s taking a walk.

Leadership is about doing the things it takes to build your business every day, even when no one is watching, even if no one is following you today.  Plan your work, work your plan.  Have a vision, move toward your vision.  Don’t worry about who is following you today.  As you make it happen, people will notice and climb on board.  But it starts with you.

The last few days I have redoubled my efforts because I reminded myself that the fundamentals of the business are everything.  Without them you don’t win.  Working, prospecting, promoting, testing, learning, moving forward, enjoying others with similar vision, this is what it is all about.   Day before yesterday I talked with potential team members.  Yesterday I did the same.   Today I will do the same.  Tomorrow I will do the same. Filling the pipeline and keeping it full is the key to mine and your success.

This is how an average old network marketer grabs the brass ring, one day at a time; you beat 90% by just working on a persistent and consistent basis.  The other 10%, is and always will be a dogfight, but that is where life is fun.  Never settle for just taking a walk.

Greg Arnold

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