Leaders show up….

My wife Pattie posted my schedule on Google calendar so my team members could see when I am busy and schedule my time if they want to.  By surrendering to this I am finding that most of my time is booked in advance with three-ways and two on ones.  This, of course, also makes my time more valuable to both me and my team members.

She also has scheduled all the meetings and functions that I will be at in advance.  So every Monday evening is scheduled in advance, also Wednesday evenings,  a Sunday conference call that I do with the 14 Diamonds that I have on my team, plus lunch on Thursday and Friday that I have with my two Double Diamonds, the monthly Saturday trainings that we do, Company Convention in April, a team cruise in September, and two quarterly events at home in late July and a holiday party in December.

How do I know who my leaders are?  They show up too.  Leaders attend the meetings and functions.  Leaders are a big part of the team culture.  They know how important it is to participate, set the example and promote participation.  All of these things keep you in the game and keep your team members in the game.  Once you let yourself drift away…you’re toast.

You simply cannot succeed in a big way by being a wondering generality.  Commitment is EVERYTHING to your ability to succeed.  It keeps you going and it’s how others judge whether they are going to join your business or not.  If your sponsoring is down, look in the mirror.  You will either see someone who shows up…or not.  You will either see someone destined to acquire their dreams…or not.

Leaders show up to succeed….do you?

Best of success,

Greg Arnold

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