Learnable, Teachable, Repeatable..

Learnable, Teachable, Repeatable are the reflection that need to be in the mirror that you hold up to any activity you perform in your Network Marketing business.  Your prospecting methods must be Learnable, Teachable, Repeatable.  Your training must be Learnable, Teachable, Repeatable.  Every aspect of your business simply has to be Learnable, Teachable, Repeatable!

If it isn’t it won’t survive and indeed thrive generations and generations deep as it must for you to build a Network Marketing empire.  Why?  Because from the very start your prospect has to have “hey, I can do that!” flash in their brain before they will join you in your business.  If you are too complicated, too smart, communicate too much information in your prospecting process, you’ll never sponsor anyone.  Your prospects will never think “Hey I can do that!”  while you’re running on and on about how many milligrams is ideal for maximum absorption at the cellular lever of whatever the heck I’m talking about.

Why would anyone join you if they can’t see themselves being able to learn all that stuff, let alone trying to present it to someone else.  If everything you do is Learnable, Teachable and Repeatable, you win because it will be easily duplicatable.  So as you look at what you’re doing, hold the Learnable, Teachable, Repeatable mirror up to it and see if it will fog up your future or show through nice and clear so everyone can not only be able to do it too, but see themselves being able to do it too!

My wife Pattie and I talked about this at greater depth in our BlogTalkRadio show this morning (Feb 1st).  If you would like to listen in, here is the link:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/actlive/2011/02/01/act-live-with-greg-pattie


Greg Arnold

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