Monsieur, with this Twitter you are really spoiling us..

Want tons of free business, beauty, exercise, auto, travel, math, whale watching, what ever you can think of tips? Want them at your finger tips? Twitter. Want to build an audience of like minded individuals? Twitter. Want to build your own personal online master mind group? Twitter. Want to publish your thoughts at the speed of light? Twitter.

Do you Tweet? Well you ought to. With Twitter you can build a group of like minded people in a heart beat. Most people, if you follow them, they’ll follow you back. You can build a following of 50 or 100 people that you can bounce ideas off of, chat with, give advice to…a trusted advisory board, if you will.

What does this marvelous invention cost you? Zero dollars per month. And that includes all state and local taxes. It’s amazing what you can learn 140 characters at a time. If you need more information from someone, you can private message them.

Whether you will be just starting, or you’re a seasoned pro, Follow Me also, I look forward to getting to know you.

Greg Arnold

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