My Morning Jog, Every Day Shufflin…

greg_arnold2I jog around the neighborhood in the mornings.  Many of you know that about me.  I lead what most would call a sedentary lifestyle.  I sit at my desk much of the day.  In the mornings though, I’m a road warrior.  30-40 minutes a day I’m out pounding the pavement.  The secret of long life is eat right and just keep moving.

My plan is to still be doing this when I’m 105.  Do I run very fast?  Noooo.  That’s why I call it jogging.  I used to think I ran fast until one day this Air Force guy walked right past me while I was out burning up the pavement. Humbling to say the least.

Now I’m wondering, how many of my old high school class mates are at their old playing weight and still jog every day?  Besides, I have 40 years on that Air Force guy, I’m supposed to be a little slower…aren’t I?

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