Old Farts, Big Butt Seats and Common Sense…

The Super Bowl old timers knew what a special moment they were participating in.  10-14 year veterans knew that you don’t get there every year.  Often the best team simply doesn’t make it to the big game.  So they approach the game with reverence and common sense.  Work like crazy to get there, understand it comes through years of effort and relish every moment of the journey.

What can you learn from a MLM Old Fart?  Plenty.  Success comes through consistent, persistent effort.  Success comes through belief and unwavering effort.  Success comes from knowing that while every play you call won’t be successful, if you keep calling the right plays you will ultimately win.

I like baby-boomers because they have spent a lifetime learning that nothing good comes easy.  They may have seen their life’s investment plan evaporate and they know they don’t have 30 more years to replace it…they’re hungry and have a sense of urgency.  Baby-boomers understand the concept of mentoring.  They know you can take years off the success process by learning from someone who is already standing where they want to be.  Baby-boomers may have big butts, but they also have a ton of common sense.  Baby boomers make better decisions by accident than most inexperienced folks make though careful planning, which they rarely do.

Baby-boomers understand making good decisions, not letting their emotions get in the way and seeing it through to win their personal championship.  I love baby-boomers.  I love the guys that some call old farts, who buy cars with big butt seats and have enough common sense to be a complete pleasure to work with.  We may be slow, but we’re steady and we cut a wide path on our way to making it happen.  We also know enough to realize how rare success is and how important it is to cherish and perform with every moment of every day that we have left.

Greg Arnold


Old Farts, Big Butt Seats and Common Sense… — 1 Comment

  1. I have to say I don’t have a big butt…but I do agree with what you’re saying about the journey and our baby boomer experience. I have friends in their 70’s that are lighting up their world every day. They inspire me, in my 50’s, to do the same.

    I know for sure that I can learn a lot from an MLM old fart (with a big butt).

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